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5 Easy Tips to Increase House Value in Bay Area Without Big Investments.

We all know that prices of the houses in Bay Area are already growing, but whether you are planning to sell your house soon or later you can actually add even more value before placing your home on the market. 

From my experience working with lots of real estate agents, flipping houses companies or just homeowners I have made a list of things that can boost the market price of your house:

1. First Impression.

Tip: Refresh exterior.

Cost: $70 - $3,000

First thing people look at when they get close to the house is the paint and windows. You don't have to buy brand new "Milgard" windows or put a big statute in your front yard. Simply refresh the paint of the house and mainly the door. If you do not have big budget just scrape off small piece of paint from the backyard, take it to Home Depot or Lowe's and ask them to match it. After that you can at least patch up the exterior walls yourself without hiring contractors. 

When buyer gets closer to your house, he is focusing on the door, "common sense" - he is trying to enter to see the inside. A lot of homeowners don't realize that people actually look at your door. That's being said, refresh your door paint and change the weather strip (I bet the one you have right now is worn out).

2. Second Impression.

Tip: Refresh your flooring.

Cost: $25 - $200

When entering the house, usually there is a door step with the threshold, so buyer will look down, that is a regular "reflex", we watch where we step. After they watched the step, first thing they see is your flooring. Make sure that if your flooring at the front door got faded (if hardwood - rejuvenate or replace the boards) or got messy because of dirty shoes (tile usually get's cleaned easy with the "acetone" from Home Depot) that you take care of it. It is second impression when people get in the house. Of course they will be looking around and the whole flooring better look nice and refreshed, so you can actually rejuvenate the whole space, simply by buying the "Rejuvenate" product from Home Depot cleaning section or clean up with acetone also from Home Depot paint section. Also very important thing - repaint your baseboards! If you had them painted not too long ago, make sure to clean them because they are the biggest dust collectors.

3. Third Impression.

Tip: Change faucets, door knobs and mirror.

Cost: $400 - $2,000

Small things matter and usually you have a half bath or full bath before going to the bedrooms, so make sure that you have nice faucet, door knobs are changed and the mirror or medicine cabinet is new. Once again if you shop around you will find tons of affordable and quality faucets, door knobs and mirrors that you can install yourself.

4. Fourth Impression.

Tip: Lightening, light switch, sockets.

Cost: $500 - $2,000

LED Recessed Lights - that's what most of the new homebuyers are asking their electricians. It became a trend to have dimmable LED recessed lights, so if you have enough budget go for it! If you can't afford to change all the lightening, just update your light switches and socket with the frames.

5. Fifth Impression.

Tip: Remodel as much as you can in the kitchen.

Cost: $15 - $1,000

Kitchen is one of the most important parts of the home. Try to change the faucet, if have enough budget ideally change countertop or at least add nice backsplash. Make sure if you have wooden cabinets and can't afford to change them, get new matching timing like quater rounds under the cabinets and side trims. Also highly suggested to get matching stain pen and go over scratches and dents. Most of the time it helps, if not get wood putty, staff it in there and let it dry before applying the stain.

There is much more things to tell you, but it was the easiest and most affordable way to significantly increase the value of your house. If you would like know how to increase the value by making bigger investment in your house, visit our blog later to see what are our suggestions!

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