Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1: What is the difference between solid and engineered hardwood?

Answer #1: Main difference between engineered wood flooring and solid hardwood:


Solid hardwood: The whole plank is pure wood. For example tree gets cut down and goes thru the machine and the planks are coming out as a whole pieces.

Engineered hardwood: Planks are layered. Top layer(wear layer) is solid part which is actual species (ex. White Oak, Walnut, Hickory, Maple, Cherry etc., core is plywood which can be made from (birch, pine or any other softwoods. Top layer gets attached to core layers with adhesives and plank become engineered because top layer is one species and bottom layers are different from top.

Question #2: What type of floor is better?

Answer #2: Great question! None of the floor is better than the other one! Each type of floor has it own purpose. For example, advantage of the laminate floor is that it is more durable (scratch and water resistance), so if you have kids and/or pets it is better to have laminate flooring to avoid all the fixes that will come out from damages in future. Disadvantage of laminate compared to vinyl floor is that it is not waterproof! Advantage of hardwood compared to artificial flooring (laminate and vinyl), value is higher when house gets sold and it is natural products that actually briefs and expands. Between engineered and solid hardwood, there is difference, that the actual stain(color) can be changed in future, solid hardwood can be refinished few times (up to 3 times depending on the depth of scratches and dents) and same with engineered hardwood, but engineered hardwood only can be refinished 1-2 times, because the top layer is maximum 4mm. 

Question #3: What is the average price for solid hardwood?

Answer #3: Good quality solid hardwood pricing starts from $5.00 per sq.ft

Question #4: What is the average price for engineered hardwood?

Answer #4: Good quality engineered hardwood pricing starts from $5.00 per sq.ft

Question #5: So solid hardwood is more expensive than engineered hardwood?

Answer #5: Not really. It depends on the species, width of the planks/boards, thickness, wear layer thickness and of course the brand. For example: Engineered White Oak 9-1/4" inch plank with 4mm top layer by Urban Floors costs $8.75 per sq.ft and Solid Birch by Home Depot 4" plank costs $1.69 per sq.ft.